Hello there, and thanks for clicking on the "About" link, even though we hid it all the way down at the bottom of the page... It's a pleasure to make your acquantaince.

My name is Al. I love escape rooms. You should too, although you probably already do which is why you're here. My first escape room experience was in 2015 when I took my then girlfriend out for a date with a difference. That girlfriend is now my wife, who is absolutely out of my league, and so I give the entire escape room industry the credit for helping me to bag a stunner.

Together we've completed about 50 escape rooms across 5 countries. We thought that was quite a lot until we met people whose completed room count is in the mid-hundreds. But it's not a competition (unless it is?) and we're just happy to have something we can enjoy together that also makes us feel a bit clever sometimes.

About a year after we married, there was this crazy global pandemic. You might have heard of it. And that meant there was no more going out, no more commuting to work, and a lot more board games played. There was a brief interlude in 2020 for a few weeks when we managed to squeeze in a few rooms, but other than that we mostly binged a lot of TV. In the meantime, a whole heap of businesses were shutting up shop, unable to survive in Pandemic times.

So, with a lot of spare time on our hands, and a desire to do what we could for the industry, we made this site. I say 'we', but I actually mean me, while my amazing wife watched terrible TV and occasionally brought me a cup of tea. But never let the importance of a cup of tea be understated when your brain is full of website code...

We (I) set out to create a free listing site that helps players find new escape games to play, and helps escape room owners to get their business seen by as many players as possible. Search engines can be harsh taskmasters, and we wanted to make sure that no room went overlooked! And we wanted to make sure that no players missed out on great rooms because they weren't at the top of the search rankings. And we all know it's not a zero sum game... Every new enthusiast created is good for everyone!

And so, in the business of creating enthusiasts, we wanted to build a site to help them. By which we mean you. So we made wishlists, and visit logs, and time recording, and reviews, and other lovely things. So you can now keep a record of all the places you've been, and what your escape time was! We'll eventually get around to having leaderboards, so some of you can feel extra clever when you know you're the fastest team in the world!

And since we're all about serving you, we want to know what you want. Get in touch with us if you think we can make something better for you! We'd love to add it to the site!

We would love for you to join us here! Sign up for a free account, start adding to your wishlists, and transfer your dog-eared notepad logs into the digital age by adding your reviews and escape times to your account! We really hope this site can play a small part in supporting the industry, making escape rooms even more fun, and encouraging more players to duip their toes into this exciting world!

If you have a passion for escape rooms, and would like to write an article for our humble site, let us know and we'll see if we can publish it for you. We're not selfish, and will happily link out to your site, or blog, or whatever else you've made so long as we think our users will want to see it!

Happy escaping!