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Any of our community members can add a listing to the site, so long as they've signed up for a free account. You can even add a room that you don't own, to help keep this directory up to date.

Adding an escape room to our directory is completely free for a basic listing. Just go to the listings section of your profile to create your listing.

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We plan to add a suppliers section to this website, and are seeking feedback from potential partners. If you supply anything that's relevant to the escape room industry, whether thats components, props, software, services, or turn-key room installation, please contact us here to help us shape our service to you!

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We would love to host your content on this site. If you have an article, product, service, or other feature that you think our community would enjoy reading about, then think about letting us publish it for you.

We will consider any individual ad-hoc post, but please read our guidelines below.

  • We consider all types of submissions. We publish content for Escape Room owners, as well as enthusiasts. However we won't post product reviews unless we have reviewed the products ourselves. If you have a product you'd like us to review, then please contact us if you'd like us to consider it for review, or consider letting us interview you about it. The most successful articles are often:
    • How-To Guides
    • Explainer posts (What is X / Why X matters)
    • Product Comparisons
    • Opinion Posts
    • Lists (e.g. top 10 X, or 10 things you should do when...)
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If you have a story to tell, we might be interested in talking to you about it. If we publish an article about the interview, we will link to your website. Please email us with a brief summary of your story and we'll get in touch if it sounds interesting. We regret we are unable to respond to all emails received.